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Locally Owned And Operated Since 1985

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Looking To Buy or Sell 90% Silver Coins?

Junk Silver

Junk Silver Buyers

A&D Coin is your one-stop-shop for buying and selling junk silver (90% silver) coin in Sacramento CA. We have been Sacramento’s leading junk silver dealer for over 30 years offering not only great competitive rates, but five star service as well. 

Junk Silver Dealer

If you’re looking for an honest, fair and friendly place you can trust to buy and sell 90 silver coins, and feel safe doing business with, you’ve found the right place. We buy & sell silver junk silver in most any quantity. From as little as one silver dime on up to $1,000 face junk silver bags and everything in between. Call now to lock it in! 916-487-5852 

Sell Junk Silver

90 Percent Silver

40 Percent Silver

35 Percent Silver

  • 90% Silver US Dimes – includes Mercury, Liberty Head, and Roosevelt
  • 90% Silver US Quarters – includes Washington, Liberty Head and Standing Liberty
  • 90% Silver US Half Dollars – includes Liberty Head, Walking Liberty, Kennedy, and Franklin
  • 90% Silver Dollars – includes Peace Dollars and Morgan Dollars
  • 40% Silver US Half Dollars – includes Kennedy Half Dollars minted between 1965-1970
  • 35% Silver War Nickels – minted 1942-1945

90 Percent Silver

From a big picture standpoint, let’s just say the reasons for buying 90% silver coins very. Here are a few reasons for owning and investing in 90% silver coins. (credit to JM Bullion)

1. Face Value

Some aren’t comfortable with rounds without a face value, not because they don’t know the value, but because buyers might not. Familiarity and trust is key when trying to liquidate silver bullion. However difficult, it is still easier to counterfeit a silver bar versus a coin, thus 90% silver coins could hold more weight (no pun intended) with buyers, since they hold a recognizable and accepted face value that is legal tender by law.

2. Sentimental Value

Unless a relative was a serious collector and owned graded coins in protected certified slabs and you knew this, you might come across a stash that was built up for a rainy day after he or she had already passed on. Along with capturing an era of time, you’re also reminded of that loved one by this collection.

3. More Silver Per Coin

Some choose to hold 40% silver coins. These coins tend to have a lesser premium and be less rare because they are more recent in a strike year. Although they are less rare and easier to find, it takes more than twice as many coins to bare the same amount of silver. Some choose to hold 90% for this reason.

4. Premium Arbitrage

In times of shortages, 90% coins can fetch higher premiums than silver bars. Often investors hedge by buying different types of precious metals. One can take this even further by buying different classes of silver within bullion to profit from the arbitrage, or at the very least keep a balance when the price dips come.

5. Perceived Disasters

Historically, spikes in buyback premiums for 90% coins have come in months leading up to a perceived crisis. When have premiums been up to 50% on 90% silver? The months leading up the year 2000, due to the Y2k bug scare. Silver premiums were also up in mid-2012 when there was uncertainty about the Mayan calendar “running out.” Some are pointing toward 2020 as being another pivotal year. No one can predict the future, but perceived crises and fear will continue and, as they say, perception is reality.

6. Smaller Increments

This is the worst-case scenario more on the fringe, but in a true crisis situation, survivalists like to keep 90% silver around because of their divisibility, making them easier to use if basic needs like food and supplies have to be traded on the run. The 90% silver coins are great for the sort of dystopic, post-apocalyptic, Marshall Law scenario of Hollywood story-lines we seem to have been bombarded with over the last fifteen years. Give us a call at 916-487-5852

90% Junk Silver

90% junk silver coins are still official US coinage and can be used as a means of legal tender face value payment. Though it is often saved and held for the long due to the silver value contained within them.

Old US silver coins were once commonplace and formally part of our nation’s standard circulation coinage. Silver was formally removed from coins by the 1965 Coinage Act. Then, only in Kennedy half dollars was it reduced to 40% Silver Coins (struck from 1965 – 1970). Unless they were made for non-circulation as commemorative coins and/or coin sets 

These former US silver coins are sometimes referred to as Constitutional Silver Coins, Junk Silver Coins, pre-1964 silver coins, pre-1965 silver coins or 90% Silver Coins.

In the modern silver bullion coin industry, older circulated silver coins are often sold as bags of junk silver, which is the measure of the total ‘legal tender’ face value that each bag contains.

When people invest in 90% silver and save it, it’s called stacking junk silver, it can add up pretty quick when you buy a little here and a little there, which can be a relatively inexpensive investment strategy.

Foreign Junk Silver

Junk Foreign Silver We Buy Includes:

Canadian silver coins dated 1900–1919 are 92.5% silver. These include dimes, quarters, and half dollars.
Canadian silver coins dated 1920–1966 are 80% silver. It also includes dimes, quarters, half dollars, and Canadian silver dollars1967 & 1968 were transition years and were a combination of silver and copper-nickel.
British silver coins dated 1837–1919 are 92.5% silver. These include the 3 Pence, 6 Pence, Shillings, Florins, Half Crowns, and silver British Crowns. British silver coins dated 1920–1946 are 50% silver. We buy and sell other foreign coins as well.
Australian coins dated 1910–1945 are 92.5% silver. These include 3 Pence, 6 Pence, Shillings, Florins, and Australian silver Crowns. Australian coins dated 1946–1964 were reduced to 50% silver.
And many other junk silver coins from around the world including Mexican Pesos, German Marks, Silver Francs

Sell Junk Silver Bags

At A&D Coin, you can buy 90% junk silver in the form of face value bags in increments as little as $10 face on up to $1,000 face value bags of 90% silver coins. Each $1 face value contains .715 silver.

You can also buy 90% Silver Coins in bulk increments of $100 Face Value, $500 Face Value, and $1000 Face Value.

Sell Junk Silver Collections

If you have a collection of pre-1965 silver dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollar coins, or have been stacking junk silver for a rainy day, you’re in great company. We have been buying collections of junk silver coins both in small quantities as well as in bulk coin bags of circulated 90% silver for many, many years. So if you have a collection of constitutional silver or any kind of foreign junk silver collection you want to sell, give us a we’ll make you a fair & handsome offer. 

Slicks And Damaged Silver Collections

We will even buy all damaged, culled, worn and silver slicks. We’ll put it on the scale and pay you cash for the actual silver weight.

Call us at 916-487-5852

A&D Coin And Jewelry has been buying and selling junk silver in Sacramento of all kinds for over 30 years now and the best place to buy 90 coin. So if you’ve been stacking 90 percent silver,  have just one silver quarter to sell or if you an entire 90% silver collection, come on down and lets crunch some numbers.

Where To Sell Junk Silver Coins

A&D Coin And Jewelry Exchange
1621 Fulton Ave Suite #24, Sacramento, CA 95825

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