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Locally Owned And Operated Since 1985

The Honest, Fair & Friendly Coin Shop

Sell Mint Sets In Sacramento

Looking For a Coin Dealer That Buys Mint Sets?

We pay cash on the spot for all US Mint Sets or Canadian Mint coin sets or an entire mint set collection.

We buy mint sets, old mint sets, silver mint sets, gold mint sets, rare mint sets, foreign mint sets, certified mint sets & proof mint sets and more.

Years of US Mint Sets We Buy & Sell

1947 Mint Set
1948 Mint Set
1949 Mint Set
1951 Mint Set
1952 Mint Set
1953 Mint Set
1954 Mint Set
1955 Mint Set
1957 Mint Set
1958 Mint Set
1959 Mint Set
1960 Mint Set
1961 Mint Set
1962 Mint Set
1963 Mint Set
1964 Mint Set
1965 Special Mint Set
1966 Special Mint Set
1967 Special Mint Set
1968 Mint Set
1969 Mint Set
1970 Mint Set, Large Date
1970 Mint Set, Small Date
1971 Mint Set
1972 Mint Set
1973 Mint Set
1974 Mint Set
1975 Mint Set

1976 Mint Set
1976 Mint Set, Silver 3PC
1977 Mint Set
1978 Mint Set
1979 Mint Set
1980 Mint Set
1981 Mint Set
1984 Mint Set
1985 Mint Set
1986 Mint Set
1987 Mint Set
1988 Mint Set
1989 Mint Set
1990 Mint Set
1991 Mint Set
1992 Mint Set
1993 Mint Set
1994 Mint Set
1995 Mint Set
1996 Mint Set
1997 Mint Set
1998 Mint Set
1999 Mint Set 18 Piece
2000 Mint Set 20 Piece
2001 Mint Set 20 Piece
2001-D Buff-Coin & Currency Set

2002 Mint Set 20 Piece
2003 Mint Set 20 Piece
2004 Mint Set 22 Piece
2005 Mint Set 22 Piece
2006 Mint Set
2007 Mint Set
2008 Mint Set
2009 Mint Set
2010 Mint Set
2011 Mint Set
2012 Mint Set
2013 Mint Set
2014 Mint Set
2015 Mint Set
2016 Mint Set
2017 Mint Set
2018 Mint Set
2019 Mint Set

A&D Coin And Jewelry has been buying mint sets in Sacramento of all sorts for over 25 years.  So whether you want us to buy just one rare set or buy multiple sets from the mint, come on down to your local coin dealer and let’s see what we can do for you. We also buy proof sets.
Give us a call at: 916-487-5852

Common Mint Sets We Buy & Sell

Are you looking for a trusted and reliable place to buy or sell your precious mint sets? Look no further, as A&D Coin has got you covered! After nearly forty in the coin business, we know a thing or two about sets put out by the mint. And are proud to offer our services for buying and selling a variety of mint sets, including:

Canadian Mint Sets:

Are you looking to sell your Canadian mint sets? At A&D Coin, we are always looking to expand our collection of Canadian mint sets and would be honored to purchase yours. We understand the value of these sets, and strive to offer you a fair market price for them. If you’re interested in buying, we also have a range of Canadian mint sets available for purchase.

Presidential Mint Sets:

Do you have a collection of Presidential mint sets that you’re looking to sell or trade? Our experienced team of coin experts would be happy to evaluate your sets and provide you with a fair market value for them. If you’re looking to add to your collection, we also have a variety of Presidential mint sets available for purchase.

United States Silver Mint Sets

A&D Coin is interested in both buying and selling United States Silver Mint Sets. Our team of professionals can help you determine the value of your sets, and make sure that you receive a fair price for them. If you’re looking to purchase, we have a variety of United States Silver Mint Sets available in our inventory.

At A&D Coin, we understand the importance of mint sets as collectible items and investments. Our goal is to make the process of buying and selling mint sets as simple and straightforward as possible. Visit us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your mint set needs!

Best Place To Buy & Sell Mint Set Coins

A&D Coin And Jewelry Exchange
1621 Fulton Ave Suite #24, Sacramento, CA 95825

Contact us today at:

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