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Did you see on the news or TikTok about $2 bills being worth thousands?
Find out which ones here.


Place That Buys Error Notes

We pay cash for rare and collectible US error currency, in great condition. If you have good condition error notes, misprinted bills, FRN errors, Federal Reserve errors notes, mistake dollarserror currency notes, error banknotes, & US paper money errors, Please read this page before contacting us. Find answers to most error currency questions here.


You may have heard on the news or Tic-Toc recently about valuable $2 bills, find out which ones and why.

Misprinted Money Buyers

Currency errors can happen at anytime and on any denomination such as: misprinted dollar bills – $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 dollar bill error notes, They can be as old as late 1800’s or as recent as 2023.

A&D Coin has been buying error notes and currencies for a long time. 

Down this page are some of the coolest types of currency mistakes out there (and, some not so cool).

Not all currency errors are collectible

Not all currency errors have value

Not all currency errors are desirable

As with anything collectible, condition really matters.
(especially currency)


If your bill has tears, stains, folds, creases or wrinkles… Pin holes, written on or has a corners missing; chances are, it’s probably not worth much (if anything) over face value.

PMG (Paper Money Grading), is one of the worlds leading currency grading companies. On their website, they have the currency grading scale you can view.

Once condition is established, now it’s time to substantiate it’s value and see what (if any) demand there is for such item. 

eBay is a great place for this kind of research. You can see if there are any recent sales (like-for-like) and at what price it sold for. This will give you an idea of what the market is willing to pay. Here’s a quick video showing how to do this (from a desktop or using eBays mobile app).


There are either

1. Good examples or poor examples
2. Major errors or minor errors

The desire of an error note or a dealers’ interest in buying one will be for the major errors that are in great condition (examples below).

That’s not to say you can’t find a buyer for minor errors or those in poor condition, but eBay will be your best place for that. 

If you have a bill, and it looks dingy, torn and tattered, spend it! It doesn’t matter what the error is, condition and eye appeal is everything.


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Error Notes 3 Error Notes


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Error Notes 4 Error Notes

If You Have a GOOD Example of Something… Let’s Talk!

Below are some currency errors we have interest in.

Such as:


obstruction errors

butterfly folds

missing serial numbers

missing seal

misaligned / misalignment

ink smear / smudge error

mismatch serial numbers

ink transfers

inverted overprint

If you have any of the above and in GREAT shape…

US Error Notes We Buy

Sell Paper Money With Mistakes

Other than the list above, if you want to sell paper money that has a mistake of some kind, take a look down the page at some of the notable types of error notes collectors and dealers like us are interested in.

Types of Paper Money Errors

Misalignment Error

These types of error notes refer to a shift of only the seals & numbers like in this example.

And depending on condition, the more extreme, the more valuable & desirable by collectors.

Misaligned Serial Number on Currency

Major Misalignment Error (off-center)

This is when two notes are mis-cut and end up in the same frame with of the all seals and numbers shifted.

These are extraordinary and in high grades, can sell for $2,000 and up.

Major Misalignment Currency Error

Minor Off Center

These types of error notes are quite common and minor compared to the above. We ourselves would not be interested in these type but they do sell on eBay for 2 to 5 times face value. Sometimes more (on a good day)

Off Center Print on Paper Money

Stuck Digits

Serial number digits get stuck during the printing process which leads to partially turned digits.


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Example of Major Stuck Digit on Currency


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Minor Shift Digit Paper Money

Missing Ink

One of the three steps in the printing process got missed and therefore results in black seal or green seal and/or serial numbers completely missing.


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Missing Print Money Error


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Poor Example of Missing Ink Error Note

Gutter Fold Errors

Gutter folds are quite common but still quite collectible. They are the result of the uncut sheets being sent through the press with a wrinkle in the paper. Also known as bank crease.

Gutter folds that are on the back of the bill are much less desirable by collectors and therefore much less valuable.


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Gutter Fold Error Bill


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Poor Condition Gutter Fold Error

Missing First Print (Blank Error Note)

(blank reverse) A blank back error note is one where the printing on the reverse side of the note is missing.


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Missing print Money Error

Fold Over Printing Error

These often affect the corners and can lead to misprinting serial numbers and parts being blank and or printed on the reverse.


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We Buy Fold Over Printing Errors

If you have any of the above and they’re good shape,
send us some pics or give us a call

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Other Mistake Currency

Inverted Money Errors

This is when the front and back of the note are in opposite directions.

Shift Errors

Also a common currency error. This happens when the printing of the note doesn’t align with the note’s other steps in the printing process.

Offset Currency Errors

Ink can get on the printing plate and transfers to the next bill showing in an opposite position on the wrong side of the bill.
Ink Transfer

A quite common printing error that happens when wet sheets touch each other leaving imprints of other notes on them.

Extra Inking

These are very noticeable errors that usually occur in the black printed portions of the note and highly noticeable. Light inking would be the opposite. Neither carry high premiums but some collectors like them just the same.

Ink Smear Errors

(smudge) This is when the ink smears and is passed from the press onto a note.

Bill With Mismatched Serial Numbers

Very rare and in high grades can be quite valuable. A bill will have two different serial numbers on it.

Inverted Overprint

Serial numbers and/or seal is generally missing, upside down or out of order.

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We Buy Error Note Collections

If you have a collection of misprint paper money you want to sell, we’d be happy to talk about buying it. All or in part. Whether you have a high-grade collection or inherited a small collection of error notes to sell, we’d love to see it and make you an offer. Call us at 916-487-5852

Place That Buys Misprinted Dollar Bills

A&D Coin has been buying and selling US error notes and misprinted dollar bills, 10 dollar bills, 20 dollar bills, 100 dollar bills of all kinds for over 35 years. If you have a nice misprinted bill or paper money with a mistake on it and would like us to take a look and make you a fair offer to buy it from you, send us some pics or contact us.

Where To Sell Mistake Paper Money

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