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Buy & Sell Your Coins At A&D Coin

Looking For a Place to Buy & Sell Coins?

At our coin shop, we pay you cash on the spot for your individual coins, bag of coins, coin rolls or tubes of coins. Maybe you have an entire coin collection to go through, we can help you sort it out.

A&D Coin And Jewelry has been buying & selling coins in Sacramento of all sorts for over 30 years. So whether you want us to buy just one coin or a bag of coins, or you want to sell a coin collection, come on down to our local coin shop and let’s see what we can do for you. Or give us a call at: 916-487-585

Coin Buyers Sacramento

Buy & Sell Rare Coins At A&D Coin

Cash For Rare Coins

We pay you cash on the spot for any and all rare coins. Whether raw, graded or in boxes. Click here for more info.

Buy & Sell Silver Coins at A&D Coin Sacramento

We Buy Foreign Coins

Our staff is highly knowledgeable on foreign coins and would love to help you sort through them and let you know what you have. Get more here

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Cash For Mint Sets

We buy and sell mint set from all over the world. Any and all US Mint Sets, Canadian Mint Sets and more. Find out here.

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Buy & Sell Proof Sets

A&D Coin will also buy and type of proof sets. Canadian Proof Sets, Presidential Proof Sets, US Proof Sets, Silver Proof Sets, Gold Proof Sets and more. Click here

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Buy & Sell Commemorative Coins

Buy or sell us your commemorative coins. These coins come from and are minted in and from most every country in the world. We’re very interested to see and talk about what you have. Check it out here.

Buy & Sell Coin Collections

Where to Sell Coin Collections

A&D Coin will help you assess your coin collection, let you know the value, types and conditions of your collection and then, make you a fair offer to purchase them. No matter the condition; high grade, low grade, cleaned, damaged or details we buy them all. Get more info here.

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Error Coins

We also buy old coins, slabbed coins, graded coins, high-grade coins, mint coins, proof coins, coin collections and more. Gold coins & silver coins

Coin We Buy And Sell

Coin Types & Styles

Raw, Rare, High Grade, Antique, Certified, Uncertified, Graded, Slabbed, Proof, Cameo, Mint State, Circulated, Uncirculated, First Strike, Early Release, Mercanti Signed

US Coin Mint Marks

– O (New Orleans)
– P (or no mark / Philadelphia)
– D (Denver)
– C (Charlotte, NC)
– S ( San Francisco)
– CC (Carson City)
– W (West Point)

Where To Buy And Sell Coins

Selling coins is super easy! Just bring your coins to A&D Coin and we’ll help you sort them out. We also buy foreign coins. From modern coins to collectible coins, we buy and sell them all. We also have coins books and coin supplies too.

If you’re in a situation and need to sell your coins for cash, we’ll be as fair as possible. Remember, if you want to sell a coin collection or you have inherited coins we can help you sort that out too. Whatever coins you have, we’ll make you a fair offer to purchase them. Contact us today at: 916-487-5852

How To Sell My Coins

At A&D Coin, we help you asses your coins and let you know what if any coins may have value. We will go through your coins with you, separate silver from non-silver, old from modern, valuable from non-valuable and then make you a fair offer to purchase. Either all or in part. Give a us a call and we’ll help you sort it all out at 916-487-5852


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