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Gold Jewelry Buyers In Sacramento

Jewelry Buyers In Sacramento, We Pay Cash You For Nice Gold Jewelry Pieces

Looking for a reputable place that buys gold jewelry?  

A&D Coin has been an established gold jewelry buyer in Sacramento for over 30 years and considered the best place to sell gold jewelry for cash. We pay cash for gold jewelry, gold chains, gold watches etc. We offer very competitive rates for all types of gold jewelry including gold bezels and 22 karat gold bangle bracelets, 14 kt gold Zippo lighters and more. Give us a call, tap or dial: 916-487-5852

Types Of Gold Jewelry We Buy

At A&D Coin And Jewelry Exchange, we pay you cash for all real gold jewelry. Including: rose goldwhite gold, yellow gold, gold rings, gold wedding bands, diamond wedding rings, gold earrings, diamond earrings, gold bracelets, gold necklaces, gold chains, gold pendants, gold charms, gold rope chains, gold coin jewelry, gold bangle bracelets, gold lighters, and all gold jewelry in 10 karat (10K), 14 karat (14k), 18 karat (18k), 22 karat (22k) & 24 karat (24k) Contact us now at 916-487-5852

Best Place To Sell Gold Jewelry

If you have gold jewelry to sell and looking for the best place to sell your gold jewelry (some say, sell gold jewellery), then you’re in good hands. We will carefully examine each piece for you, test it, examine any diamonds or stones it may have, weight it and make a fair cash offer to purchase. We’ll pay you cash for your unwanted jewelry items such as:

Men’s gold jewelry

Women’s gold jewelry

Indian gold jewelry

Black Hills Gold jewelry

Antique gold jewelry

Italian gold jewelry

White Gold Jewelry

Bridal Sets

Gold jewelry sets

Wedding sets

Engagement rings

Children’s/babies gold jewelry

Vintage gold jewelry

Rose Gold Jewelry

How Gold Jewelry Weight Is Measured

Gold jewelry is best measured in grams less any stones or additional non-gold items within the piece.

Examples of karat purity: 
10k = .395
14k = .555
18k = .725
22k = .916

How to figure out the “actual gold weight” of gold jewelry…
1) Take the current spot price of gold and divide it by 31.1 (for grams in an ounce) = price per gram
2) weight of item x price per gram x the karat purity (mentioned above)
3) this equals the pure melt value of the item per gram
4) then, multiply that number by .60  (60% to 70%) which is what you can typically expect to get when selling gold jewelry. Same goes for scrap gold as well. Aside from any additional values for diamond size, cut and clarity, age of the piece, demand or resale market potential. Contact A&D Coin And Jewelry Exchange today at 916-487-5852

Sell Indian Gold Jewelry

We pay top dollar for all pure gold jewelry from India. Including, men’s Indian gold jewelry & women’s 24 ct & 22 carat gold bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Give us a call at 916-487-5852

Where To Sell Indian Gold Jewelry

We Buy Jewelry Collections

If you have been collecting jewelry for a long time that you are ready to sell, we can help you sort it all out, test and inspect each item for purity, authenticity and proposed resell market value and then make you a fair offer to purchase your jewelry items. Though we do not buy costume, fake or knock-off pieces, we will purchase most any jewelry collection of any size are welcome.

Where To Sell Gold Jewelry

A&D Coin has been paying cash for gold jewelry in Sacramento for over 30 years now. We’re known as “The Honest, Fair & Friendly Coin Shop” for a reason. We pride ourselves on being courteous and taking the time to walk through the process with you using a scale that has been certified by the state of California Weights and Measures for weighing and we use the best modern equipment to test every piece for accuracy and purity.

So if you need cash for gold jewelry, or if you received an inheritance full of unwanted jewelry items, or maybe you’re selling inherited gold jewelry from a loved one… Even if you have an entire gold jewelry collection, come on down to the best jewelry buyers in Sacramento and lets see what we can do for you. 

Or give us a call at:

List of Different Jewelry Types

Other Gold Products We Buy & Sell

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