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Looking to sell a coin collection? For nearly 40 years, A&D Coin has been a trusted resource for individuals in Sacramento who are looking to sell their coin collections. We can provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of your collection’s value and make you a fair offer to purchase.

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Whether you have a large coin collection or small one, a rare silver dollar collection or one that is not so rare, we are equipped enough and knowledgeable enough to handle all types of coins collections. Our team of coin experts will thoroughly examine your coins to determine their type, conditions, rarity, and other factors that can impact their value.

So, whether you are looking to simply assess what you have or liquidate an entire collection, take a look below to learn how this process works.

How To Sell a Coin Collection

The process is quite simple really, for smaller collections just come on by during our regular business hours and one of our coin experts we’ll be happy to assist you. Should you want to sell a large coin collection you may want to give us a call and set an appointment so we can set aside some time for you. Give us call us at 916-487-5852

To help speed up the process, it would be best if the collection had some order to it. It’s easy enough to do:

  1. Put all sets, packaged & boxed type things together
  2. Separate US coins from foreign
  3. Separate the cents, nickels, dimes and so on with like coins
  4. Currencies by denomination (and age if possible)
  5. Foreign with foreign (same as above)
  6. Gold with gold
  7. Silver with silver

Coin Liquidation Service

Are you looking to liquidate a coin collection? If you’re looking to let go of your coins, or an inherited coin collection, we can help.

Whether you are selling your personal coin collection or collection that’s a part of your inheritance, liquidating a coin collection can be a challenging and daunting task. We can help you sort it all out and understand the value or worth of your collection as well as your individual coins.

A coin collection might be just a small part of the estate liquidation you having to deal with but at A&D Coin, we can help to simplify that process for you (and with you).

We are a reputable coin shop and dealer in Sacramento CA with decades of knowledge and expertise offering you an honest and fair assessment as well as, a fair and generous offer to purchase.

Call us now at: 916-487-5852

Coin Collections We Buy

  • Flowing Hair Dollar Collections
  • Bust Half Dollar Collections
  • Bust Dollar Collections
  • Draped half dollar Collections
  • Draped Dollar Collections
  • Capped Bust Dollar Collections
  • Trade Dollars Collections
  • Capped Bust Half Dollar Collections
  • Bust Dime Collections
  • Capped Bust Dime Collections
  • Seated Liberty Half Dime Collections
  • Three Cent nickel Collections
  • Silver Three Cent Nickel Collections
  • Liberty Head Nickel Collections
  • Buffalo Nickel Collections
  • Seated Liberty Dollar Collections
  • Seated Liberty Half Dollar Collections
  • Seated Liberty Quarter Collections
  • Seated Liberty Dime Collections
  • Standing Liberty Quarter Collection
  • Draped Bust Dime Collections
  • Half Cent Collections
  • Two Cent Pieces Collections
  • Large Cent Collections
  • Flying Eagle Cent Collections
  • Indian Head Cent Collections
  • Half Dime Collections
  • Flowing Hair Half Dime Collections
  • Draped Bust Half Dime Collections
  • Capped Bust Half Dime Collections
  • Barber Dime Collections
  • Barber Quarter Collections
  • Barber Half Dollar Collections
  • Mercury Dime Collections
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollars Collections
  • Washington Quarter Collection
  • Jefferson Nickel Collection
  • Roosevelt Dime Collections
  • Lincoln Cent Collections
  • Kennedy Half Dollar Collections 

Cents, Penny (pennies) Nickel(s) Dime(s), Half Dime(s), Twenty Cent Pieces, Quarter(s), Silver Dollar(s), Early American Coins, Confederate Coins, Colonial Coins, Civil War Tokens, Old US Coppers, Half Cents, Large Cents, Small Cents, Seated Dollars, Carson City (CC) Coins, Key Date, Semi-Key Date, Ship Wreck Coins, Nazi Coins, and many others. Any condition any quantity, we buy any and all collectible coin collections. Call us now at: 916-487-5852

Coin Estate Appraisals

If you have a coin collection and would like to have an experienced, professional opinion as to the type, condition and value of each piece, we can help.

Coin Appraisals For

Or, if you have a collection of rare coins and would like to have an evaluation done on those, we can do that too. Give us a call today and lets take a look at what you have. Call us at 916-487-5852

Sell Silver Dollar Collection

  • Draped Bust Dollar Collections

  • Seated Liberty Dollar Collection

  • Trade Dollar Collection

  • Morgan Dollar Collection

  • Peace Dollar Collection

  • American Silver Eagle Collection

Silver dollar coin collections from the 19th & 20th century are highly recognized coins to collect. Whether you have a raw silver dollar coin sets in Dansco coin books or have a graded silver dollar collection certified by PCGS with CAC stickers you want to sell; high grade or low grade, we’ll help you sort it out and then make you a fair offer to purchase your collection.

Have an Old US Silver
Dollar Collection to Sell?

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Sell Commemorative Half Dollar Collection

Old US silver half dollar commemoratives were minted from 1892 to 1954. We buy and sell all of these type of commemorative half dollar setscollections.

  • George Washington Carver

  • Booker T. Washington Series

  • South Carolina Collection

  • Arkansas Centennial Collection

  • Texas Centennial Collections

  • Daniel Boone Collection

  • Oregon Trail Collection

We Buy Half Dollar Coin Collections

20th Century Half Dollar Collections
  • Bust Half Dollar Collection

  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar Collection

  • Franklin Half Dollars

  • Kennedy Half Dollar Collections

Selling a Half Dollar Collection?
Lets Talk!

Sell Key Date Coin Collections

If you have been coin collecting for anytime at all, you will undoubtedly know what key-date coins are and that their is always room for and desire for them in everyone that has a collection of coins.

Below is a list of key date coin collections we buy.

Key Date Cent Collection

1877 Indian Head Cent
1909 S Indian Head Cent
1909 S Lincoln Cent
1909 S VDB Lincoln Cent
1914 D Lincoln Cent
1922 Lincoln Cent
1931 S Lincoln Cent

Key Date Nickel Collection

1880 Shield Nickel
1913 D Type 1 and Type 2 Buffalo Nickel
1913 S Type 1 and Type 2 Buffalo Nickel
1924 S Buffalo Nickel
1926 S Buffalo Nickel
1927 S Buffalo Nickel

Key Date Dime Collection

1916 D Mercury Dime
1918 D Mercury Dime
1919 D Mercury Dime
1921 Mercury Dime

Key Date Seated Liberty Quarter Collection

1849 O, 1856 S, 1860 S, 1864 S, 1866-1869, 1870 CC, 1871 CC, 1871 S, 1872 CC, 1872 S, 1873 CC

Key Date Standing Liberty Quarter Collection

1916, 1918/7 S, 1919 D, 1919 S, and 1927 S. In full head condition, the 1918/7 S and 1927 S. Other keys dates include 1920 S, 1921 S, 1923 S, 1926 D, and 1926 S.

Key Date Barber Quarter Collection

1892 S, 1896 S, 1897 O, 1899 S, 1901 S, 1901 O, 1902 S, 1903 S, 1908 S, 1909 O, 1913, 1913 S, 1914 S

Key Date Washington Quarter Collection

1932 D Washington Quarter 
1932 S Washington Quarter

We Buy Key Date Half Dollar Collection

Seated Liberty Half Dollar
1873 CC Seated Liberty Half Dollar

Key Date Bust Half Dollars
1838 O Capped Bust Half Dollar, 1893 S Barber Half Dollar, 

Key Date Barber Half Dollars
1895 S Barber Half Dollar, 1896 O Barber Half Dollar, 1901 S Barber Half Dollar, 1904 S Barber Half Dollar

Walking Liberty Half Dollars (Walkers)
1916 S (obverse mint mark), 1921, 1921 D, 1921 S, 1938 D

Old Coin Collection Buyers

If you have a coin collection you want to sell or you have inherited an old US coin collection you’d like to have appraised or evaluated, A&D Coin can help asses that numismatic coin collection for you.

Whether you have an old coin collection that you have put together yourself, received an inheritance or have a collection of rare coins out of a storage unit, we specialize in all rare coin collections and liquidations.

We will go through each piece with you, help you validate the authenticity of each coin and then make you a fair cash offer to purchase the collection based on the current “real market” value(s) all or in part.

To find out what your coin collection is worth, give us a call at 916-487-5852

A&D Coin And Jewelry has been buying coin collections of all sorts in Sacramento for over 35 years.  As coin collection experts, we also buy all silver coin collections, gold coin collections, foreign coin collections as well as PCGS coin collections coins.

So if you’re looking for a place that buys coin collections, look no further and come on down to our coin shop and let’s see what we can do for you.

Best Place To Sell Coin Collections

A&D Coin And Jewelry Exchange
1621 Fulton Ave Suite #24, Sacramento, CA 95825

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