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Buy & Sell Silver Bullion Sacramento

Silver Bullion Dealer Sacramento CA

Looking For Silver Bullion Dealers Near Me?

A&D Coin is your one-stop-shop for buying and selling silver bullion in Sacramento CA. 

We have been Sacramento’s leading place to buy and sell silver bullion for over 30 years offering not only great competitive rates, but five star service as well. If you’re looking for an honest, fair and friendly place you can trust and feel safe doing business with, look no further.

We buy & sell silver bullion in any shape, size and quantity. From 1 oz bars, 5 oz bars, 10 oz silver bars & 100 oz silver bars to 1 oz silver rounds.. 

Call now to lock it in! 916-487-5852 

Silver Bullion Mints & Silver Types

Silver Bars

– Credit Suisse Silver Bars
– Johnson Matthey Silver Bars
– Perth Mint Silver Minted Bars
– Valcambi Silver “CombiBars”
– Engelhard Silver Bars

Bullion Coins

– American Silver Eagle
– Silver Buffalo
– Silver Canadian Maple Leaf
– Australian Silver Kangaroo
– Silver Chinese Panda
– Silver Philharmonic
– South African Krugerrand

Gold Gold Mints

– United States Mint
– Austrian Mint
– Johnson Matthey Mint
– New Zealand Mint
– British Royal Mint
Perth Mint
– Royal Canadian Mint
– Royal Mint
– Mexican Mint
– PAMP Suisse Mint

Silver Bullion We Buy & Sell

Silver bullion comes in all shapes, sizes and weights. Some of the most common include: Silver bullion bars, silver rounds and silver bullion coinsWe also buy hand poured silver bars.

Whether from a private mint or the US mint, silver bullion will come in the following sizes.

Some silver bullion sizes:

1/10 oz
1/4 oz
1/2 oz
1 oz
2 oz
5 oz
10 oz
100 oz
Monster boxes (500 1oz Silver Eagles & Silver Round)

Whether you’re selling one Silver Eagle or a tube of American Silver Eagles, one silver round, a tube of silver rounds or a silver bullion collection, we’ll buy it! 100 troy ounce silver bars no problem, 10 oz silver bullion bars no problem, 999 silver, pure silver – no problem. Pure silver bullion bars, again no problem. No waiting, get cash (or check) on the spot. We’re fair, honest and very private. Contact A&D Coin today and lets see what we can do for you 916-487-5852

Best Place To Buy Silver Bullion In Sacramento

If you’re looking for the best place to buy silver bullion from, try us first. If you want to buy American Silver Eagles, bullion coins, 999 silver bullion, Canadian Maple Leaf, Silver Buffalo’s, tubes of generic silver rounds, silver bars, and silver bullion at all… Give us a call. 916-487-5852

Investing In Silver Bullion

If you’re wanting to stack some silver bullion for an investment, you can buy as little as 1/10th ounce to one ounce silver rounds at a time or invest in a monster box of silver rounds or a monster box American Silver Eagles.

Silver coins and bullion come in many different types, sizes and values. A silver coin can have a collectible value that is far above that of its silver value. Generally speaking, most one ounce silver rounds for example are just that, 999 silver and have a relatively small premium; usually as low as .50 to .65 over spot price up to about $2 to $3 per ounce over spot depending on volume.

However, old US junk silver coins (1964 and before) made of 90% silver, the more worn or common date coins (making them non-collectible) may be the better bang for the buck because it can be purchased closer to spot price. Whether one or two dollars in face value or by the $1000 face value bag, 90% silver is probably the better bet.

Now, when you get into silver coins made by the US Mint, though only one once of silver, it can get up into the hundreds pretty quickly depending on the type, quantity made, mint marks, etc. So, the value of the pricey silver coins may be higher on the buy side but your resell value will be higher too.

Silver Bullion Collections We Buy

Silver bar collections

Silver rounds collections

Designer silver round collections

Queens Beast silver collection

Canadian silver bullion collections

And any other type or size of silver bullion collection you might have. Give us a call and lets see what we can do for you at 916-487-5852

Where To Sell Silver Bullion In Sacramento

A&D Coin And Jewelry has been buying and selling silver bullion in Sacramento of all kinds for over 30 years now. So if you have just one silver coin or an entire silver bullion collection, come on down and let’s crunch some numbers. Or give us a call at: 916-487-5852

Contact Us at 916-487-5852


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