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Locally Owned And Operated Since 1985

The Honest, Fair & Friendly Coin Shop

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Looking for a Silver Coin Shop?

We pay you cash on the spot for your Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, individual silver coins, silver coin rolls, bags of silver coins or tubes of silver coins, silver coin collections, inherited silver coins and so much more.

A&D Coin has been Sacramento’s leading silver coin buyers for over 35 years. We buy any and all silver coins such as: Old silver coins, foreign silver coins, graded silver coins, slabbed silver coins, mint silver coins, proof silver coins, Silver Coin Sets, 999 silver coins, 90% silver coins, 40% silver coins and more. Give us a call at 916-487-5852

Best Place To Sell Silver Coins

A&D Coin And Jewelry has been  buying silver coins in Sacramento for over 30 years.  So whether you want us to buy just one silver coin or buy multiple silver coins, come on down to your local coin dealer and lets see what we can do for you. Or give us a call at: 916-487-5852

How Much to Buy Silver Coins

The short answer… It varies and will depend on the supply and demand. Given the recent global pandemic, the precious silver metals market including silver coins has been really crazy for over the last year or so.

And here’s why.

Generally, the norm is when the silver spot prices in the “paper” commodity markets suddenly plummet, the premiums for actual physical silver coins can soar.

For those who have not been through volatile markets like we’re in right now, one would tend to expect the prices of silver coins to decline when the spot prices go down so sharply. Right?

Well, if the decline was slow and gradual, that would almost certainly be the case. However, when major spot price moves are abrupt, (like the $5 drop we had in a week for example) that may not happen. Why?

The key point to understand is; that the spot price actually refers to the trading of paper contracts on commodity futures exchanges. What??? Yes, these exchanges almost exclusively involve trading in the price of the metal rather than trading in the physical metals themselves.

This can put a person in a tricky position if you you were stacking silver coins as an investment

You see, in the futures commodity markets, sellers can offer an almost unlimited quantity of “paper silver” for sale, knowing that there is almost no chance they will be required or have to deliver on any physical silver.

In contrast, the physical market trades in the actual product. Dealers cannot offer something for sale without being able to eventually deliver it. Thus bring us to the quagmire the world is in right now… “supply vs demand”.

All of that said, give us a call and lets see what we can do 916-487-5852

US Silver Coins We Buy & Sell

Here’s and exhaustive list of some of the silver US coins we buy and sell at A&D Coin.

  • Trade Dollars

  • Morgan Silver Dollars

  • Morgan CC Dollars

  • Peace Dollars

  • Commemorative Silver Dollars

  • Seated Liberty Half Dollars

  • Barber Half Dollars

  • Walking Liberty Half Dollars

  • Franklin Half Dollars

  • Kennedy Half Dollars (1964-1970)

  • Seated Liberty Quarters

  • Barber Quarters

  • Standing Liberty Quarters

  • Washington Quarters (pre 1965)

  • Half Dimes

  • Barber Dimes

  • Mercury Dimes

  • Roosevelt Dimes

  • World War II Nickels (1942 – 1945)

40% Silver Coins & Sets

40% Silver Eisenhower Coins

  • 40% Eisenhower Proof Silver Dollar 1971 to 1974 (brown box)
  • 40% Eisenhower Mint Silver Dollar (blue flat pack)
  • 40% Eisenhower 3 Coin Set 1976 Red pack (40% quarter, half & dollar)

Silver Commemorative Coins

US Mint Commemorative Coins, Bicentennial Proof Commemorative, Silver Commemorative, Baseball Commemorative Coins, Military Commemorative Coins (Army, Marines), George Washington Commemorative, Kennedy Half Dollar Commemorative, Presidential Commemorative Coins, President Commemorative Coin Sets, Commemorative Dollars, Commemorative Half Dollars

We Buy Silver Coin Sets

Silver Proof Sets, Silver Mint Sets, Special Mint Sets, Silver Type Sets, Bicentennial Coin Sets, Silver World Sets, Silver Canada Sets, Silver Euro Sets, Silver Military Coin Sets, US Silver Sets and more.

Cash For Canadian Silver Coins

.9999 Pure Silver Maple Leaf, 1 oz Silver Maples, 1/2 oz. Silver Maple Leaf, Canadian Silver Dollars, Canadian Half Dollars (50 cent piece), Canadian Quarters (25 cents), Canadian Dimes (10 cents), Canadian Silver Quarters, Canadian Five Cent Pieces, Canadian Wildlife Silver Coins, Canadian Silver Coin Sets. Have some to sell? Lets talk 916-487-5852

Morgan Silver Dollars

We Buy & Sell Morgan Silver Dollars

A&D Coin has been paying the most for Morgan Silver Dollars in Sacramento for over 35 years. We have five star reputation and sell Morgan dollars for the lowest rates town too. Single or in bulk.

Peace Silver Dollars

We also buy and sell all Peace Dollars with higher premiums paid on all 1921 Peace Dollars and the 1928 Peace Dollar.

If you’re looking for where to buy and sell silver dollars, we have the best rates and prices in the Sacramento area.

Foreign Silver Coins

Foreign silver coins come in all shapes and sizes with all different silver percentages depending on the year and origin of the coin. Silver percentage in these coins can range from 10% silver up to sterling silver coins at 92.5% silver.

A&D Coin is one of the few foreign silver coin buyers in Sacramento that will actually take the time to go through your world coins and separate the denominations and pay you according to the silver content of each silver coin. Of course, we will pay a premium for numismatic or collectible silver coins too.

Canadian silver coins dimes, quarters, half dollars and Canadian Silver Dollars

British silver coins These include the 3 Pence, 6 Pence, Shillings, Florins, Half Crowns, and silver British Crowns.
Australian silver coins These include 3 Pence, 6 Pence, Shillings, Florins, and Australian silver Crowns.

Some foreign countries that produce silver coins include:

Australian (Australia), Austrian (Austria), Belgium (Belgian), Brazil (Brazilian), British (Britain), Canadian (Canada), Ceylon (Ceylonese), China (Chinese), Colombia (Colombian), El Salvador (El Salvadoran), England (English), French (France), German (Germany), Greece (Greek), Haitian (Haiti), Indian (India), Italy, (Italian), Japanese (Japan), Korean (Korea), Mexican (Mexico), New Zealand, Nicaragua (Nicaraguan), Norway (Norwegian), Panama (Panamanian), Portugal (Portuguese), Russian (Russia), Scotland (Scottish), Spain (Spanish), Soviet Union, Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan), Turkey (Turkish), Uruguay (Uruguayan), Venezuela (Venezuelan), Yugoslavia (Yugoslavian), Asia (Asian), Europe (European), Africa (African), North America) North American, South America (South American) 

Silver Coin Types & Styles

Graded Silver Coins

About Good (AG), Good (G), Very Good (VG), Fine (F), Very Fine (VF), Extra Fine (EF & XF), Almost Uncirculated (AU), AU 50, 53, 55, 58, Mint State (MS), MS 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70

Silver Coin Types 

Raw, Rare, Antique, Certified, Uncertified, Graded, Slabbed, Proof, Cameo, Mint State, Circulated, Uncirculated, First Strike, Early Release, Mercanti Signed Silver Coins

US Silver Coin Mint Marks

– O (New Orleans)
– P (or no mark / Philadelphia)
– D (Denver)
– C (Charlotte, NC)
– S ( San Francisco)
– CC (Carson City)
– W (West Point)

We Buy Silver Coin Collections

For those who have collected silver coins (of any kind) you’re in great company. We have been a buyer of silver coin collections of all sorts, types and sizes for many, many years. Lets set something up and take a look at what you have, and we’ll make you a fair & handsome offer to purchase. Call us at 916-487-5852

Bring your US silver coins to A&D Coin. We also buy foreign silver coins. Even with the crazy price swings in the silver market right now, we will still work with you and give you the best deal we can.

If you’re in a situation and need to sell your silver coins for cash, we’ll be as fair as possible. Maybe you have a silver coin collection or you inherited silver coins, sterling silver coins. Whatever silver coins you have, we’ll make you a fair offer to purchase them. Contact us today.

Where To Sell Silver Coins In Sacramento

A&D Coin And Jewelry Exchange
1621 Fulton Ave Suite #24, Sacramento, CA 95825

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