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How to Sell or Liquidate a Coin Inheritance

Coin Inheritance Buyers Sacramento | Sell Inherited Coin CollectionA&D Coin has been doing coin estate appraisals in Sacramento for over 35 years. Large or small we can help you evaluate your coin collections value and and let you know what it is you have. And if you’d like, we can make a very fair offer to purchase. More about how we buy coin collections.

The process is quite simple, for smaller collections (a small tub or two) just come on by during our regular business hours and one of our coin experts we’ll be happy to assist you. Should you have a larger collection (a large tub or more) simply give us a call and set an appointment and we’ll set aside some time for you.

For larger coin collections, It would be great if you could have some order to it. Meaning…

First Separate your inherited coins by types

  1. All sets with sets
  2. Packaged & boxed type things together
  3. Raw, loose US coins with each other
  4. Separate the cents, nickels, dimes and so on with like coins
  5. Separate any currencies by denomination (and age if possible)
  6. Foreign with foreign (same as above)
  7. Gold with gold
  8. Silver with silver

Second Contact a Reputable Coin Dealer

That’s pretty much it. If you inherited gold coins Great! Do know that the spot price of gold fluctuates from day to day and a lot of gold coins are merely that and only worth only the price of gold at the time. However, their are a number of gold coins that can have a significant numismatic value which means it could be worth a great deal more than the current gold rate (and other coins as well like all the above mentioned).

The same is true of inherited silver coins. A lot of coins (foreign include) from the mid 60’s and earlier have a percentage of silver in them. Some are very collectible, It all depends on the condition of the coins and when & where it was minted. But, that’s what we’re here for. Right? 😉

Contact us today or give us a call and we’ll be glad to help you out. 916-487-5852

Information for Inheritors

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