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How to Sell Coins That You Inherited

Liquidating a Coin Collection

So you have an inherited coin collection or some random coins that you have no idea what they are or if they’re even worth anything. Or maybe you’re an executor of an estate and you have to get the coin collection valued so it can be split evenly among the surviving heirs. Whatever the reason is…

A&D Coin has been helping people of all ages who inherited coins and collections for over 37 years. Large or small, if you’re in Sacramento CA we can help you evaluate the value of your coin inheritance and at the very least, let you know what it is you have.

Understanding What You Have

Should you desire to sell the collection either all or in part, we can break it all down for you and make a very fair offer to purchase. We have more information about selling a coin collection in Sacramento here. 

It can definitely be a daunting task when going through things that you are unfamiliar with or have little if any knowledge about.

But when it comes to coins, rare coins, currencies and preciouses metals, we happen to be experts. We can help you understand what it is you have, what is collectible coins vs not collectible and what items may have collectible values or preciouses metal values compared to the things that do not. Read our blog post explaining how we determine the value of an inherited collection and get it sorted out for you.

Getting Your Coins Ready To Sell

The process is quite simple. For smaller collections (a small tub or two) just come on by during our regular business hours and one of our coin experts we’ll be happy to assist you. Should you have a larger collection (a large tub or more) simply give us a call at 916-487-5852 and we can set aside some time for you.

For larger coin collections, It’d really help to expedite the evaluation process if you could have some order to it in the following manner:

Separate your inherited coins by types

  1. All sets with sets
  2. Packaged & boxed type items together
  3. Individual (or loose) US coins with each other
  4. Separate the cents, nickels, dimes and so on with like coins
  5. Separate any currencies by their denomination(s)
  6. Foreign with foreign (same as above)
  7. Gold with gold
  8. Silver with silver

Working With a Reputable Coin Dealer

The owners of A&D have a wealth of experience and knowledge about coins, coin collections, coin collecting as well the conditions and values of coins. And, you’ll be glad to know that, we like to treat all of our customers the way that we’d want our own mother to be treated. 

Which may explain why we have such great feedback from our customers and are know in the Sacramento area as “The Honest, Fair & Friendly Coin Shop”. There is a saying that goes: “if you do what’s right all the time, you’ll be doing what’s right at the right time”. That’s a really good rule to live by.

Here at A&D Coin, we’re always happy to share our expertise and knowledge with our customers or at the very least; point you in the right direction to get a problem solved or your questions answered.

So, if you’re thinking of selling an inherited coin collection of sorts, or you just want to know more about you you have and what it’s worth, come on down and see us at A&D Coin and Jewelry Exchange. We’ll be happy to help you out!


That’s pretty much it. If you inherited gold coins Great! Something worth noting is that the spot price of gold fluctuates from day to day and a lot of gold coins are merely that (gold coins) and only worth only their weight in gold at the time. However, their are a number of gold coins that can have a significant numismatic value which means it could be worth a great deal more than the current gold value (same goes for the above mentioned items too).

Inherited silver coins are the same way. A lot of coins (including foreign coins) from the mid 60’s and earlier may have a percentage of silver in them. US coins from that time period are generally referred to as junk silver coins and have 90% silver but no collectible values per say.  Some are very collectible and some are not, It all depends on the condition of the coins and when & where it was minted etc. But, that’s what we’re here for right? 😉

Contact us today or give us a call and we’ll help you sort it out. 916-487-5852

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