Where To Sell Gold In Sacramento For Highest Price

During this Coronavirus pandemic not only has the stock market taken a beating but the precocious metals market has been unusually volatile as well.

A local coin shop in Sacramento CA has decided to offer much higher premiums when purchasing gold and silver bullion from the general public. Generally, when the markets are stable, “the norm” would be to pay a little less than the current spot price and then sell the bullion for a bit over spot price. That is what’s called “the spread” or margin. That is how a dealer makes their money off of buying and selling the metals.

Cash For Gold Sacramento

Who Buys Silver & Gold At Spot Price

With the current market fluctuations, the pricing of bullion at the moment is anything but normal. The demand for silver bullion and gold is at nearly record highs while the supply of these precious metals is currently at near-record lows.

Tho silver spot price has rapidly plunged by more than 15% in just a matter of days, the standard buying process for bullion dealers has drastically changed all over the world.  

Now Is a Good Time To Sell Gold & Silver For Higher Premiums

The owner of A&D Coin announced that “During this global pandemic, A&D Coin will be offering to buy gold bullion and silver bullion at historically higher than normal rates relative to current spot prices”.

A&D Coin has “flipped the coin” on the normal purchasing process and is now paying better than spot price for silver bullion and much higher premiums on gold bullion.

Choose a Reputable Bullion Dealer With a Good Track Record

When buying or selling something such as silver and gold, you want to make sure you’re dealing with a reputable coin dealer. This Sacramento company has been paying cash for gold & silver (and all other coins) for over 30 years and has become known as “The Honest, Fair & Friendly Coin Shop”.

With scores of five-star reviews and a stellar reputation; and now paying more than ever for precious metals, if you’re in the Sacramento CA area and were looking for a place to sell gold bullion coins or silver rounds and bars, A&D Coin seems to be the right place to go and now is the time to do it.

About the contributor to this article.

Rick Yadon, has been a coin collector since the age of 10, learning much from his father who was also a life-long coin collector as well. Rick’s interest in numismatics was intensified in college as a history major, because coins & precious metals are a part of history. After retirement, the hobby intensified and in 2014 he became a coin dealer & owner of A&D Coin And Jewelry Exchange in Sacramento CA.
Rick is a member of The American Numismatic Association and former president of and now a board member of The Sacramento Vally Coin Club. Rick’s ambition and consideration for coins, bullion, and collectors are at the center of his life and it shows in how he runs his shop and helps his patrons.