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Scrap Gold Buyers In Sacramento

Looking For Scrap Gold Buyers?

A&D Coin is the best place to sell scrap gold in Sacramento. We pay you cash on the spot for all scrap gold, dental gold, broken gold jewelry, unwanted gold pocket watches, broken jewelry, damaged pieces and more. If you’re in a spot and need to sell your scrap gold, give us a call at:

Highest price paid for broken gold jewelry, scrap gold, dental gold, gold teeth, gold crowns, junk gold, gold rings with gold coins in it, broken gold necklaces, gold bracelets, ear rings, gold watches, pendants, medallions, gold nuggets, and more. See below,

What Type Of Scrap Gold Do We Buy?

  • scrap white gold

  • scrap yellow gold

  • scrap rose gold

  • broken gold bezels

  • gold charms

  • gold lockets

  • broken gold chains

  • gold class rings

  • pendents with gold coins inside

  • gold broaches 

  • gold cuff links

  • gold pocket watches

  • gold lighters

  • gold cigarette cases

  • gold earrings

  • scrap dental gold

  • gold teeth

  • gold tie tacks

  • gold pins

  • gold pens

All of which can be broken, bent or damaged in any way. We will test and weigh it all for you and make a fair offer to pay your cash for your scrap gold. Contact us now and lets see what we can do 916-487-5852

Cash For Broken Gold Jewelry

If you have a broken gold chain, a set of earrings that is missing one piece or a damaged gold bangle bracelet; it can be white gold, yellow gold or white gold, we’ll make you a fair offer based on the current price of gold at that moment.  Give us a call today at 916-487-5852

How Is Scrap Gold Value Measured?

Scrap gold is measured in grams and/or troy ounce meaning, 12 troy oz. is equal to one troy pound and 31.1033 grams of gold is equal to one troy oz. of gold. Scrap gold jewelry is in karats which denotes the purity of the gold item. we buy and test for gold that is 10K, 14k, 18k, 22k, 24k gold.

What Are Karats & How Much Gold Is In It?

Karat is a measurement of the ratio of gold to other metals or alloys in the item and is measured on a scale from 0 to 24. The higher the karat number, the more gold there is and that’s what makes the scrap gold price.

Some gold jewelry manufactures will make the gold items with the lowest amount of gold allowed before entering the higher range of the lower karat. Below are figures using the “plum” percentage values. Depending on who made the gold ring for example, the piece can be a little more than plum, spot on plum or maybe a little bit less than the “plum” setting.

10 karat = .416
14 karat = .585
18 karat = .750
22 karat = .916
24 karat = .999

We Buy Indian Gold Jewelry

We pay top dollar for all pure gold jewelry from India. Including, men’s Indian gold jewelry & women’s 24 ct & 22 carat gold bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. Give us a call at 916-487-5852

How Much Is Scrap Gold Worth?

The important variable in calculating scrap gold value is, the price of gold at that time and the purity of the scrap gold piece(s). You simple multiply the purity (karat purity mentioned above) by the spot price of gold by the gram weight of the item. Lets illustrate:

Lets use the current price of gold which is $1,625 per ounce and you have a 10 karat gold wedding band that weighs 7 grams

We take the $1,625 / by 31.1 grams in an ounce = $52.25 per gram for pure gold. However our ring is only .416% pure so… you take the $52.25 x .416 =  $21.74 per gram for 10 karat, now multiply that by the weight of the ring. 7 gr x $21.74 = $152.18 is the true melt value of that piece.

How Much of The Scrap Price Will I Get?

Given the fact that places that buy scrap gold has to hold it for 30 days before we can do anything with it; and depending on the volatility of gold market at that time, you can expect anywhere from around 50% to 70% or so. Let us help you sort our your scrap pieces of gold, see how much it comes to and we’ll do the best we can for you. Call us at 916-485-5852

Cash For Scrap Dental Gold

What is Dental Gold Worth?

It’s really hard to say. Most gold crowns are usually made with 10 to 18 karat gold, but some crowns that are yellow or white in appearance actually have very little value.

What is Dental Scrap?

Many bridges and crowns are made with precious metals that may contain gold. Potentially higher value dental scrap may include: gold inlays, gold caps, gold dental bridges, gold crowns and gold fillings.

If you’re looking to sell dental gold for scrap, we hope you’d remove any tooth material first but if not, that’s okay. We’ll take care of that for you. Head on over to A&D Coin And Jewelry Exchange and we’ll test the dental gold for the accurate gold karat amount, put it on the scale and crunch numbers for you based on the current spot price of gold at that moment.

We Buy Scrap Gold Collections

If you have been collecting pieces of broken gold jewelry, gold shavings, melted gold down, smelted your own gold scraps or even if have collected gold crowns, bridges and teeth over the years; with the spot price of gold levels rising, now might be a good time to sell your collected gold scraps. We’ll help you sort it out, weigh it and test for its purity and then make you a handsome offer to buy your scrap collection.

Scrap Gold Buyers In Sacramento

A&D Coin has been paying cash for scrap gold in Sacramento for over 30 years now.  We’re “The Honest, Fair And Friendly Coin Shop”, we use a scale that has been certified by the state of California weights and measures for weighing your scrap gold and use the best modern equipment to test every piece of gold for its accurate karate and purity. We then place it on the scale, do the math with the current spot price of gold at that moment and the… Make you a fair cash offer accordingly.

So if you’re selling scrap gold, have scrap gold for sale or if you want us to pay cash for a broken gold chain, or your received an inheritance with a lot of unwanted scrap gold or come on down to the best place to sell scrap gold in Sacramento and let’s see what we can do for you. Or give us a call at: 916-487-5852


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