Hello and welcome. You’re probably wondering, Are we really selling gold with little to no premiums? Even at spot, REALLY? The answer is… YES! We Are.

How can we do it?  Well, unlike most other dealers in the industry, where they buy as low as possible and then charge a hefty premium when they sell, we at A&D Coin want to change that for our customers by providing handsome offers to our sellers and selling it quickly at a reduced rate. What a concept huh?

Buy Gold At Wholesale

Buy Gold Incrementals, Gold Bullion At Wholesale SacramentoHere’s an example. At the time of this writing gold was at $1,280 an ounce. Others in town are selling a 2016 tenth ounce eagle at spot + $24 to $27 = ($149 to $152) and even on eBay the best price (with free shipping) is $151 to $154.

Today, we at A&D Coin are selling that same 1/10 ounce gold eagle at spot+ $5 or.. $133! And quite often, we even sell our gold at spot w/no premiums at all. 

The point is, we won’t be charging you those high premiums that everyone else is charging. Not even on incrementals. No Hooks, No Minimums & No BS.

But don’t just take our word for it… Our store has been here for over 33 years and we’ve had it for just over the last three years, and here’s what some others have had to say about us since we took over.

You can read plenty more reviews here on Yelp or Google

Your Best Deals On Gold In Sacramento

Now, for us to be able to offer these incredible deals (so that “everyone” wins) we’ll need your help.

You see, while doing it this way may help you get the best deal on gold anywhere, it also creates a razor thin margin for us which means, we’ll need to sell it as fast as possible.


So, here ‘s how this is going to work. We’ll do all the marketing to attract the sellers with our aggressive buy prices who have anything and everything gold for sale; from early American Indians, liberties and St. Gaudens to modern day Eagles, Pandas and Maples, incrementals to fractionals, gold bars and everything in between, including scrap gold jewelry.


As the product comes in, we will send out an email to you & those on our buyers list announcing what we have and how much it is. (see a sample email below)


Here’s How To Buy Our Gold At Spot (or really close to it)

As you can see, it’s pretty straight forward right? Now due to the remarkable pricing being offered here, we need to outline a few conditions.

1 – All offers are on a first come-first served basis (no exceptions)
2 – Cash only (unless prearranged otherwise)
3 – No partial payments, down payments, layaways or holds
4 – ABSOLUTELY NO asking for breaks, discounts, volume discounts or a better deal and…
5 – NO FLAKES. If you say you want it, come in and pay for it at the agreed time and price. If you’ve read our reviews you’ll know that we’re upright and take care of our customers so… we just expect the same respect in return. Fair enough?

Great…Because this truly is a fantastic opportunity for you to be able to add to your gold collection at an incredibly low price and/or… Because you won’t be to paying the high premiums that others charge, there’ll be some built in upside for you to do with it as you will. It’s up to you.

We just need to know what type of gold you’re interested in and we’ll notify you when only those things are available. Deal?

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CA investor tax rules apply. For those of you that don’t already know, this means that any precious metal purchases are subject to CA sales tax (8.5%) up to $1,499. All purchases $1,500 and up are tax exempt. With this exemption, if you were to spend say $1,300 on an ounce of gold + tax this would be around $1,410 so… add a little silver and/or a 1/10oz gold piece to that purchase bringing it $1,500 and its like getting $110 in free gold or silver.