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Zebulon V. Zebulon V. – Sacramento, CA 8/7/2015

Five Stars on YelpI highly recommend A & D Coin and Jewelry. They always have great prices and the owners are friendly and do very respectable business. It is a great place to buy or sell rare coins, precious metals (i.e. Silver bullion), Jewelry or collecting supplies. This is definitely the place to go for a fair trade on your investments or hobbies alike.

Mary M. Mary M. – Carmichael, CA 6/23/2015

Five Stars on YelpThe new owners at A&D are great guys.  They’ve really started improving the shop!  Plenty of inventory as always, generous with buying from the public, plus it’s clean and well organized.  Way to Go, John and Rick!  I’ll be back to your shop for sure.


B. M. B. M. – Sacramento, CA 6/11/2015

Five Stars on YelpGreat place!  Rick & John are very friendly and informative. They took the time to identify, explain to me and buy my coins.  Definitely will go back!

Jimmy S.  Jimmy S. – Sacramento, CA 3/8/2015

Five Stars on YelpRecently, we had the opportunity to work with the new owners of A&D Coin and Jewelry Exchange in selling our coin collections. WOW! Rick & John were both most welcoming, extremely easy to deal with and very honest in our transactions. My partner & I had started coin collecting as kids, then put the hobby aside. 40+ years later we decided to see what the coins were worth. We were very surprised at their worth and so happy we chose A&D to deal with. Highly recommended, we were thrilled with not only the funds we received for the collections, but in the honesty and ease of doing business here.

Richard N. Richard N. – Sacramento, CA 1/20/2015

Five Stars on YelpGreat experience, friendly atmosphere, very helpful, wonderful service, and good deals. The owner is very passionate in giving his customers the best experience possible. I have immensely enjoyed my time spent shopping at A&D that I’ve become a regular.

Jason A. Jason A. – Carmichael, CA 8/20/2014

Five Stars on YelpI’ve only been to this shop once, but had an excellent experience while there (approx 45min).  The place is well set up with lots of currency to check out, unlike many other shops that keep their coins stashed away.  This was especially helpful since I was hunting for a gift and not really sure what I wanted.

Nick took lots of time to help me look around and was very patient – not only with me but also with my 5 year old daughter who was fascinated and asking a million questions (politely, of course).  He showed me tons of of tons, explained them without ever seeming annoyed or frustrated that I was a “know-nothing buyer” (my words about myself).   If you’re serious about buying something from A & D you shouldn’t be disappointed and I look forward to going back there soon.  I didn’t really have an interest in starting a coin collection before my visit, but now I do.

Aug 7, 2015 Review posted on Google+ Rating A D Coin Jewelry Exchange Reviews
by: Zeb McNumismaticton


Wonderful people, wonderful business! I have done quite a bit of business there with A & D Coin and Jewelry now and have nothing but good things to say. They have great prices and are very fair buyers. Now is a great time to start investing in precious metals and rare coins, or just add to your collection. Highly recommended!!!
Aug 5, 2015 Review posted on Google+ Rating A D Coin Jewelry Exchange Reviews
by: Joshua Andersen

SELL ALL YOUR SILVER AND GOLD HERE! Best prices in town! I love these guys. So many of the silver dealers in this city are total jerks that I often just want to kick in the face, but these guys have been fair and respectful to me from the first time I walked in their shop. I mostly just buy scrap silver off of them, but they are always happy to chat for a while and are genuinely interested in my silver work. Other silver dealers have offered me $1/oz for my handcrafted silver work, which is total bull. Yet the guys at A&D, they’ve always been nice and expressed interest in my talent. The only other dealer in Sacramento that I trust is Mom’s silver, but I only go to them to buy bullion rounds. If you need to buy or sell scrap silver or rare coins/cool silver things, A&D is your very best bet. If you want respect and fair dealings, you will probably only find it here. Plus, they’ve come across a bunch of really neat stuff that’s definitely worth seeing

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